We understand the position and time constraints Asset Managers deal with on a daily basis. Our primary goal is to facilitate that progress in meeting their demanding goals. As Principal Broker of Gleason and Associates Realty I have been focused on REO property management and sales since 1996.

We employ a full team of REO specialists who are easily reachable and quick to respond to your requests. We also specialize in fast BPO production and turnaround times. Reliability and perfection is our continuing goal in providing excellent service. We are Equator Platinum Certified and RES.Net AMP certified. We also utilize other individual company operating systems and are adept at Multi-Form for Fannie Mae properties. We hold A-REO & C-REPs designations and are former members of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NRBA). Our team is trusted by asset managers as the foremost REO experts in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Our REO listings sell on average between 35 to 65 days.

We also have a property management team in place where we manage single-family residences and apartments for our clientele. We carry property management insurance for added protection to our clients, and make each client a co-insured. We are also active members of NARPM, the National Assocation of Real Property Managers.

Our combination & knowledge of Real Estate, mortgage banking and appraising provides us an expertise that is seldom found in the REO business. We have a proven marketing program and we always contact investors in advance of obtaining new listings. In the best interest of our clients, we go above and beyond to manage REOs effectively and get them sold in a timely manner and for the maximum return.

            Platinum             C-REPS




Gleason & Associates Realty, Inc.
3024 Edinburgh Dr. Virginia Beach, VA 23452-7004
Phone: 757-340-0707 Fax: 757-340-2880
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